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💕 November 2, 2019  💕Saturday

If you haven't already, please stop by to see all of the wonderful creations being sold at the BCA Bear show on Facebook right now. You have one more day to find the perfect teddy, then the show will disappear for a few months.  

Admission is free after the first 24 hours. It's all of the fun of an in-person bear convention, minus the elbow-throwing and strangers sneezing at you.


Mr. Peanut and Pepper the Hedgehog were my listings, and both found wonderful new homes today. I'm sewing as fast as I can to finish a third, but I don't think he'll be ready to go in time for the show this round. I'll stash him away for the next BCA show in that case.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come see all of the artists' creations, especially the folks who stayed up late or woke up super early to be there for the starting bell. Today was a blast! 




SAFETY WARNING: The Peach Peddler bears are collectibles, intended ONLY for display. Our bears are not toys and should not be handled by anyone under the age of 14. Fragile glass eyes, steel pellets, and other internal hardware could pose choking hazards or otherwise harm children. 

The Peach Peddler creates one-of-a-kind artist bears from the highest quality materials available. Each bear is brought to life with lots of love, time, and attention to detail.

Our bear, Pudding, was the Feature (Cover) model for the September 2014 digital issue of Bears & Buds magazine, with a full length article about our company.  The Peach Peddler creations have also been included in multiple issues of the print magazine Teddy Bear and Friends (most recently in the September 2018 TB&F issue, Bear Marketplace) 


Awards Received: 

2018 -URSA 1st Place Mini Bare Bear "Figaro"

2018- URSA 1st Place Medium Bare Bear " Rugby"
2018- URSA 3rd Place Realistic Bear "Yuri" Polar Bear

2017 - TOBY Industry's Choice (Small Dressed Bear, "Stinkerbell")

2016 - TOBY Industry's Choice (Large Dressed Bear, "Beatrice")
2016 - TOBY People's Choice (Large Dressed Bear, "Beatrice")

2014 - TOBY Industry Choice (Miniature Category, "Moriarty")

2014 - URSA Award "Serenity II" Panda

2014 - URSA Award "Wuzzie" Miniature Category

2011 - TBAAF (Teddy Bear Artist & Friends) "Mini Marshmallow" Small Undressed Bear

2011 - TBAAF (Teddy Bear Artist & Friends)  "Serenity" Novice Category