SAFETY WARNING: The Peach Peddler bears are collectibles, intended ONLY for display. Our bears are not toys and should not be handled by anyone under the age of 14. Fragile glass eyes, steel pellets, and other internal hardware could pose choking hazards or otherwise harm children. 


    "Oliver" is a one of a kind Artist Teddy Bear created by Christie Elyse Kotz (The Peach Peddler). Adopt through my Etsy store.

    His standing height is approximately 20 inches (50.5cm) not counting the ears, and he's around 15 inches (38cm) at seated height. Oliver weighs approximately 3 pounds 11 ounces and feels hefty to hold. I usually keep my bears under 15 inches because they're much easier to ship.

    He has a wobble-jointed neck with his head positioned so that he looks up with his head tucked at his chest.

    Oliver's arms and legs are jointed with Fiberboard Discs, washers, and Cotter Pins.

    His nose was embroidered with 100% cotton floss, sealed with beeswax, then shaded with oil paints. I gave him short pile Steiff Mohair paw pads with pulled toes, also shaded with oil paints.

    This grizzly bear was hand-sewn from start to finish using the finest bear-making materials available. Shading and sculpting were done by hand.


    Tyber synthetic plush in Amber Goldbrown with guard hairs
    Steiff sparse pile mohair for paw pads
    Artist Oil Paints for shading
    Aurifil Cotton Floss for pulling toes
    Heavyweight Polyester Fiber
    English black glass eyes
    Joint Discs with washers and Cotter Pins

    The buyer is welcome to pick their own name for this bear during the ordering process.