SAFETY WARNING: The Peach Peddler bears are collectibles, intended ONLY for display. Our bears are not toys and should not be handled by anyone under the age of 14. Fragile glass eyes, steel pellets, and other internal hardware could pose choking hazards or otherwise harm children. 

Rugby (August 27, 2017)
  • Rugby (August 27, 2017)

    9.5" full height
    Steiff Schulte Faux Fur (Synthetic Fur) in Dark Brown with silver guard hairs. 

    Glass eyes 

    Fabric is fully lined with strong cotton backing.

    Embroidered Pearl Cotton Nose, sealed with beeswax 

    Shaded with oil paints. 

    Faux Suede paw pads with sculpted toes.

    Stuffed with premium polyfil and weighted with steel disc shot

    100% Handsewn from start to finish

    Rugby wears 3 antique keys on a vintage cord